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Bookings are as follows - Pay for K.Y.C. - You now have a Client I.D. and your own personal Deposit Address in which insures a quick no bull response from Legit Results. Mention  your interests, await a response, please be descriptive as we go out of our way for excellence in customer service. There is no charge for Legit Results to hold your digital currency (Crypto) in our cold offline wallets as you may feel more secure if you currently do not have "Cold Storage" and / or you are unsure of the propper use of the hardware Wallet and awaiting our lesson to use and store your Crypto securely and safely.


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Have Crypto or Stock questions? Need 1-on-1 private trading guidance? No problem. 

Our 1-on-1 rate is $150.00/hr, ex: If you needed consultation over how to margin trade binary futures options or how to trade (buy sell) all types of Crypto, Stock or Forex etc. Even if you just wanted to rattle an experts brain on anything trading related..

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