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Our primary objective in this new office is focusing on assisting Employers / Employees with crypto payroll. A portion or all of your pay converted to the Crypto of your choice. Personal 1-on-1 Crypto assistance in achieving your Crypto goals. We will educate all about safety and protecting your investment. We will never handle your private keys but we will teach you about them. How to fully optimize the use of your hardware wallet, Hands on recovery and safety exercises, Sending/Receiving/Tracing and verification techniques.

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Location payment processing will resume July, 2018

Bookings are as follows - Pay for K.Y.C. - You now have a Client I.D. and your own personal Deposit Address in which insures a quick no bull response from Legit Results. Mention  your interests, await a response, please be descriptive as we go out of our way for excellence in customer service. There is no charge for LegitResults to hold your digital currency (Crypto) in our cold offline wallets as you may feel more secure if you currently do not have "Cold Storage" and or you are unsure of the proper use of the hardware Wallet and awaiting our lesson to use and store your Crypto securely and safely.

Tax reporting is the sole responsibility of the Crypto holder.


LegitResults Services

Have questions? Need 1-on-1 private Crypto Guidance? No problem.  $249.99 buys you lessons on the safety of your public/private keys, a Ledger hardware wallet loaded with $50.00 worth of crypto. We teach you how to use your hardware device.

Our 1-on-1 rate is $50.00/hr, ex: If you needed consultation over how to margin binary futures options or how to trade (buy sell) all types of crypto. Even if you just wanted to rattle an experts brain on anything crypto related.. remember our #1 answer, Tax reporting is the sole responsibility of the Crypto holder.

Legit Results recognizes BTC as it is the only de-centralized Crypto, meaning it has no on/off switch and can never be taken from you, with that comes responsibility. Our goal is to make that a very easy and simple transition for you and answer all your questions along the way in a secure encrypted professional fashion.

To register for your pay to be converted to crypto is instruction of deposit to your employer "amount to deposits@legitresults.com with your BTC Address in Messages Box" if no BTC address on file don't worry, one is created for you automatically and waiting on instruction upon your $5.00 initial deposit and employer 2nd confirmation on file. Then instantly we announce the TX to the Bitcoin ledger to your Crypto wallet.

A receipt is sent to your email address in the most secure fashion with your TXID locked and secured "For your eyes only".  At an amazing unbeatable 0.39% per transaction. yup, not 3% on a hundred, only 0.9% or 90 cents and as low as 0.39% or 39 cents/k CAD and we pay the TX fees and your now invested in the succession of Bitcoin in these early stages of adoption with a circulating supply of 21 Million with a confirmed loss of about 4 Million.. We want Crypto to succeed and everyone to get involved.

"Every Millionaire is not able to posses 1 BTC"

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Thank-you all for your patience and support, Stronger every day and we are giving back!

In the meanwhile have a look at the new Ledger Wallet. It is the most secure and trusted hardware wallet for Bitcoin / Altcoins. To withdraw your coins you must produce the physical device as well as pushing physical buttons for withdrawls. Your keys/seed/passphrase/PIN is never exposed to the online world, therefore making it a cold wallet that is extremely safe. Over 1 Million sold! "Vires in Numeris"

Ledger Nano S - The secure hardware wallet

Please check in frequently as we are continuously working on BlockChain / Crypto Products and Services.

If you would like assistance in Buying, Selling, Recovering, Trading, Mining, Staking or moving Bitcoin or Altcoins, Legit Results will provide a reference for 'Tested and True Crypto-Tutorials' Coming Soon.

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