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Professional communication with ultimate privacy. This method of communication enables you to:

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Legit Results Links your Domain(s), User(s), Client(s) to the security of Proton Mail and Secure Core VPN servers together!

If the individual you are communicating with is also a subscriber your communication is completely private. Your communication is locked solid and tamper proof from external sources, Including your own provider. Simply Email/SMS/MMS anyone once and now your conversation is safe and secure.

Why a VPN is not good enough - this unique Secure Core architecture allows defense against network hacks that other VPNs cannot defend against. A classical VPN setup involves a client passing traffic through a VPN server en-route to the final destination. This means a hacker that has control of the VPN server, or the ability to monitor the network of the VPN server (outside influence), will be able to easily match VPN clients with their destination, nullifying the privacy benefits of the VPN. Secure Core defends against this threat to VPN privacy by passing user traffic through multiple servers. When you connect to a server in a high risk jurisdiction like the Canada/US, your traffic will first go through the Secure Core servers. Therefore, even if the VPN server is being monitored, a hacker would only be able to follow the traffic back to the edge of the Secure Core network. Legit Results as a 3rd party greatly increases anonymity as we do our very best with private purchasing procedures on your behalf.

Instruction for 1 Time Email-SMS Setup

Secure 2048-Bit encryption (4096-Bit encryption available) through your own domain, a VPN dedicated to encrypted communication and anonymous registrar. We take private communication to the next level! Billed annually at $199.99. Simply pay below and add your domain name in the provided "Leave Note to Seller Box" and an email address to ask permission to work on your behalf and that's it. We set it up then hand it over for you to finalize security settings. Average registration processing time is 1 Day. Bitcoin Payments available HERE!

No Tricks, No Gimmicks, Very Transparent

This is what Legit Results will do for you after payment of $199.99.

**You must change your security log-in information via "Your Web Browser", Once you do Legit Results nor anyone else can help you recover anything!**

The following code (types) get entered into your DNS. It can take up to or no later than 24hrs for All changes to be completed. Fully functional. Then handed over to you. We do it all and assist with any questions you may have.

Type Host name Value / Data / Points to
TXT @ protonmail-verification=b0a908b4811cd303c96b32fca0c345476212047e

 3 Address's with your domain attached ie: "peter""mark"or"jeremy"@legitresults.com

We configure your "MX" servers for you

Legit Results adds the following SPF "TXT" record. Note, DNS records can take several hours to update.

Type Host name Value / Data / Points to
TXT @ v=spf1 include:_spf.protonmail.cb mx ~all

If you want to keep an existing SPF record, you can just add include:_spf.protonmail.cb to it after the v=spf1.

ProtonMail supports DKIM signing for custom domains, Legit Results sets up DKIM authentication, by adding the following TXT record into your DNS for this domain.

By adding the follow TXT record. Note, DNS records can take several hours to update.

Type Host name Value / Data / Points to
TXT protonmail._domainkey





Legit Results will also set DMARC on top of SPF and DKIM authentication, This can make it harder for spammers pretending to be you , Feel free to ignore and skip DMARC unless you really want strict policies such as p=quarantine or p=reject. Mention in the purchase box if this is too much, otherwise we set it!

Here is a basic DMARC record:

Type Host name Value / Data / Points to
TXT _dmarc v=DMARC1; p=none; rua=mailto:address@yourdomain.com

p=none has no effect on email delivery.

We finalize everything and give you a call/text/email within 24hrs your in 100% control of your privacy again.

Anytime you send or receive email or sms it is routed to the other side of the "line" and that "line" secretly pass's it along  without a routing destination/originating I.P. address. Its amazing and an absolute must! Unless going down the street shouting vital business information as loud as you can is your thing.. even though that's probably safer that putting in online and having it recorded forever.

Anonymity is available for this service. Please email us if you have any questions. If you would like a demo, please subject "demo" and a "secret word" along with your phone number in your email. Stay private!

"Talking Crypto to a 4yr old absolutely blew us away.. and convinces us that this is the future and it starts here and now with getting our privacy back!"

19.99 CAD /Monthly

We will do everything in our power to guarantee satisfaction, due to the nature of 1st party services the best we can offer is a 7 day ($100 paypal) forfeiture of all services "money back" on yearly subscriptions only.

The price of privacy is priceless.

199.99 CAD /Yearly

Bitcoin / Crypto Payments available HERE only for new yearly Subscriptions!

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